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Firearms Transfers

Once downloaded right click on the body of FFL and select save. The FFL will save to your computer which will allow you to attach it to an email to the dealer you are purchasing your firearm from. Once your dealer has our FFL they will transfer your item CCW PLUS.

Upon your items arrival at CCW PLUS, we will notify you we have received your purchase and schedule a time convenient for you to complete your background check and transfer. The transfer process requires you to fill out ATF Form; "4473" at our location only. Upon successful completion of the 4473 and there are no background FDLE issues, your waiting/cooling off period (if any) has expired, we will deliver your purchase and answer any questions you may have that day.

NOTE: If you have a current conceal carry permit there is no waiting/cooling off period. You may have your item the day it arrives providing there are not issues related to your FDLE background check.

If you do not have a conceal carry license, Broward County Law Requires a five day waiting period for both Handguns and Long Guns before delivery of your item may be completed. The clock for your five day waiting/cooling off period begins the day you purchase you firearm. However, weekend days and holidays are not considered/counted in the waiting/cooling off period.


  • Firearms  sold via websites such as; Gunbroker must be shipped to a Federal Firearms Licensed (FFL) dealer by Federal Law. Your chosen FFL once your sale item is received by them will perform the required Federal Background check on your customer/purchaser. The fee charged by the receiving FFL for your customers  background check is normally charged to the individual that procured your firearm.
  • CCW PLUS INC as a FFL is authorized by the ATF to ship firearms (pistol or rifle) across state boarders to other active FFL dealers. We do not ship to Alaska and Hawaii 
  • The shipment of firearms by those not having an active FFL is prohibited by Federal Law
  • CCW PLUS in addition to our nominal service fee and shipping cost offers the following optional services to insure comfort and investment.
    • Shipping insurance to cover your item in an amount up to $1500.00
    • The option of having your shipment delivered signature required
Please feel free to call if you have questions we are here to help. 954-840-9009.

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Firearms Transfer Service
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