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CCW PLUS INC was founded in 2012 as BLM Businesses INC, with a D.B.A. as; CCW PLUS. Originally our company was solely dedicated to NRA Training focused on handgun/pistol training and Refuse to Be a Victim seminars. In the year 2014 as business grew we simplified our corporate name by dropping the BLM Businesses and D.B.A. as CCW PLUS. We then and registered our growing business with the state of Florida, simply as; CCW PLUS INC. The simplification of our corporate name has made it easy for our dedicated customer base and prospective clients in their business dealings with us.

We progressed in a relatively short period. As we learned our customer’s needs and requirements we found our clientele not only with the desire for firearm training, but training at a pace comfortable to their skill and competence levels. The type of training not found at gun shows and large firearm training classes which appear focused more on profits, than interest in a student’s skill level, comprehension of one’s safety, state and federal gun laws a handgun owner is held accountable to.

Also noted was the extremely important need for proper firearm fitment, including the physical size of a handgun to accommodate the individuals hand size, other physical attributes of the user, handgun caliber and the specific reason for handgun ownership.

We recognized the significant voids in firearm training attitudes by some responsible for training and the sale of handguns for personal protection. It was at that time; in the year 2014, we began to focus on firearm fitment and sales, in addition to private firearm instruction.

At CCW PLUS INC, we are dedicated to fitting users with a handgun which allows the user an unrepresented level of comfort, combined with a slow pace handgun training level designed to build one's confidence in the use of their handgun for personal defense.

We are here to answer your questions relative to your requirements, interest, our company, the products we sell and companies we represent. Our business continues it's growth. We contribute this growth to our dedication of customer satisfaction first and foremost. The customer care and satisfaction approached has lent itself to profitability. In short, dedication to our customer’s "needs first" has driven our profitability, and we would have it no other way.

Thanks so much for visiting our online store. Our team is excited to provide you with an impeccable online shopping experience, or a face to face visit. We are available to assist you at anytime. If you have questions, comments, concerns about your order, or the content found within this website, please feel free to contact us via telephone, or email and one of our experienced team members will respond promptly.  Again, thanks for visiting our store; we look forward to serving you now, or in the future.  

Welcome to CCW PLUS INC.

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